About Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, which has been carefully preserved over the centuries. It is surrounded by spectacular landscape, lakes, Alpine foothills and mountain peaks. The beauty of the city and the natural setting has attracted travelers for centuries and still is a major tourist attraction today. You will be able to get to know the town more intimately than any tourist can. The palaces, archbishops’ churches, squares and fountains, and most notably the Fortress, reflect the love of splendor of the once powerful archbishops who ruled the city.

The Outdoors Experience

Salzburg is surrounded by a landscape of lakes, hills, and mountains that has attracted travelers ever since tourism began to develop in the 19th century. Even then people were taking tours of the salt mines as the visitors do today. The largest ice caves of the world are another major attraction south of Salzburg. Outdoor activities are a natural choice when you live in Salzburg. You may go jogging in the 17th century park of Hellbrunn, walk up a mountain right behind your house, or take public transportation to the nearest ski resort. In the winter, there even is a "skiing train" that takes you directly to a lift station. A great opportunity to meeting Austrian skiers.


About Munich

Layout of the City
Like many cities, Munich started out as a small town enclosed by a wall and then expanded beyond it. The 'inner city' occupies such a small area that everything is close and easy to visit, and you'll get a sense of the orignal wall, indeed, the gates still remain. The river Isar flows through the city and it is generally a very green place. The enormous Englischer Garten, is a park with a boating lake and beer garden (of course) and is well worth a visit.

You could lose yourself for days in the Deutsches Museum or in any of a number of the other museums and galleries and there are countless beautiful churches and other buildings to explore. Munich is a very culturally active city too with its orchestras, ensembles, opera houses and theatre. All the major music artists will pass through Munich on their European tours. Flick through any of Munich's events magazines to get a sense of how much is going on and if you're here for a longer stay, there are even two English cinemas as well as a number of English video libraries.

Besides all this, Munich is a soccer capital with no less than three clubs playing in the Bundesliga, the German equivalent of the English Premier League. The incredible Olympic Stadium complex, Olympic tower and park built for 1973 Olympic games are a must on the visit list. As soon as the weather is warm, the parks and cycle paths fill up with roller-bladers. During the warmer months on Monday evenings, there is a massive roller blading procession through the city and numbers are usually over 12,000. In summer, people tip into the mountains to enjoy mountain walking and climbing and when it gets cold again they head off to the mountains nearby to ski.

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